Karpo Godina - Retrospective

Slovenian director, cameraman, scriptwriter and editor Karpo Godina is one of the most important representatives of the Yugoslav cinematic movement „Black Wave“, which produced numerous socio-critical films between 1964 and 1973. His first radically critical short films were awarded internationally and are now regarded as the pioneer films of the experimental cinema. Godina experimented with the static camera, a key principle of composition that seemed to express distance towards the filmed object but otherwise enhanced subversive irony.
Godina's innovative and yet hypnotic short films are part of the apotheosis of his self-directed cinematic productions. Their subversive poetic signature shaped this time's audio visual events internationally.


Retrospective I – Visionario, Udine
Thursday, 30. June | 9:30 pm

Total duration: 50’

Piknik u nedelju - Picnic on Sunday
Karpo Godina
YU | 1967 | 14'

Karpo Godina´s first professional short and his last black-and-white film.


Gratinirani mozak Pupilije Ferkeverk
The Gratinated Brain of Pupilija Ferkeverk

Karpo Godina
YU | 1970 | 12'

»This film was banned because it showed the decay of moral values and ends with the slogan “Swallow LSD”. The text in the film refers to the important stations in life: death, love, dictatorship and in the end, swallow LSD.« K. G.


Zdravi ljudi za razonodu -
Litany of Happy People

Karpo Godina
YU | 1971 | 14'

Karpo Godina visionary features a multi-ethnic picture of the Vojvodina, a region on the border with Hungary. The accompanying song evokes the unity and love of the peoples.


O ljubavnim veštinama ili film sa 14441 kvadratom –
On the Art of Loving or Film with 14441 Frames

Karpo Godina
YU | 1972 | 10’

»The army asked me to make an official military film. Instead I made one that said: “Make love not war”. The military literally chopped it up with an axe, but I was able to save one print.« K. G.



Retrospective II – City Cinema, Villach
Friday, 01. July | 8:00 pm

Total duration: ca. 42’


Making Off Sonja Henie
Karpo Godina
YU | 1972 | 27'

Throughout the production of the film “I Miss Sonja Henie” Karpo Godina shot Tinto Brass, Puriša Ðordevic, Miloš Forman, Buck Henry, Dušan Makavejev, Paul Morissey, Bogdan Tirnanic and Frederick Wiseman at work.


Nedostaje mi Sonja Henie -
I Miss Sonja Henie
Karpo Godina
YU | 1972 | 14'47"

In the year 1972 the above mentioned directors came to FEST (Film Festival in Belgrade). All of them were invited to direct a three-minute- feature film.
The conditions were as follows:

1. The film must be shot on 35 mm, at the same location, with equal background, with fixed optics, using the same static visual angle and same background.
2. The film shouldn‘t last longer than three minutes and at one point the actors should quote Snoopy‘s sentence from Schulz‘s comic: »I miss Sonja Henie«.
3. Directors are free to choose their actors.







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