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Wednesday, 29. June - Visionario, Udine - Film Block I
Wednesday, 29. June - Visionario, Udine - Film Block II
Thursday, 30. June - Visionario, Udine - Film Block III
Thursday, 30. June - Visionario, Udine - Retro K. Godina part I
Friday, 1. July - City Cinema, Villach - Retro K. Godina part II
Friday, 1. July - City Cinema, Villach - Film Block IV
Saturday, 2. July - City Cinema, Villach - Film Block V
Saturday, 2. July - City Cinema, Villach - Film Block VI


Film Block I - Visionario, Udine
Wednesday, 29. June | 8:00 pm
Total duration: ca. 50’
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The Origin of Creatures 
Floris Kaayk
NL | 2010 | 11'

A futuristic perspective of the world after a catastrophic disaster. In this dark parable mutated limbs are looking for cooperation, but due to miscommunication this mission is doomed to fail.


Mouse Palace
Harald Hund, Paul Horn
AUT | 2010 | 10'30"
no dialogue

For Mouse Palace a real apartment was rebuilt as a 1:10 scale model from edible materials for housing mice. The rodents had hardly arrived when they began nibbling away at their lodgings. The process of decay took place accompanied by brutal turf wars between two male mice.


The Streets of the Invisibles
Remo Rauscher
AUT | 2011 | 11'15"
English with Italian, English subtitles

Italian premiere

Thirty years later Mike Stone (Karl Malden) and Steve Keller (Michael Douglas) end their investigations of a mysterious series of murders on today‘s dangerous streets. The famous police drama of the 70‘s in today‘s Google Street View. A found footage movie exclusively using Google imagery (Street View, Earth & Maps) and audio material from the original TV-series “The Streets of San Francisco”.


The River
Davor Sanvincenti
HR | 2009 | 7'30"
no dialogue


Italian premiere

The River spreads audiovisual material and creates an atmosphere that combines the narrative and aesthetic concepts within a photograph. The film was shot with an 82 years old camera and passed through processes of film destruction to obtain this particular light damage. The piece explores the duality of nature and technology, analogue and digital, static and dynamic. It investigates and reveals the essence of human vision and hearing.


Ida Windingstad
SE | 2010 | 8'30"
Swedish, English with Italian, English subtitles

Italian premiere

A man is revisiting his doctor with a painful and troublesome ailment. The doctor has tried every treatment in vain and calls on his colleagues for help. It turns out that the man`s pathologic condition is something that concerns the whole planet. A political satire on the theme of ignorance – could it be the entire world is infected?


Film Block II – Visionario, Udine
Wednesday, 29. June | 9:30 pm

Total duration: ca. 57'
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Apele Tac – Silent River
Anca Miruna Dunga
GER | 2011 | 30'
Romanian with Italian, English subtitles

Italian premiere

Romania, 1986: Gregor and Vali want to break away. Both depend on each other, yet there is mutual distrust. One night Gregor finds his doubts confirmed. In the end only hope is left.


For Sogand
Mustafa Shaban
Iran | 2010 | 23'19"
Persian with Italian, English subtitles


European premiere

Leyla Golchinpour is a young Iranian woman who divorced her husband because of his drug addiction. Now she has got a rather strange job for a woman. She is a welder, works at big construction sites and welds steel constructions for factory buildings. By doing so, she earns money for herself and her daughter Sogand, who is her last remaining hope.


A Cold Place
Muriel Montini
FR | 2010 | 4'
no dialogue


Italian premiere

The Paris Bourse.
A winter’s evening.
Stock traders are having a break.


Film Block III – Visionario, Udine
Thursday, 30. June | 8:00 pm

Total duration: ca. 54’
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A Moment
In-chun OH
China, South-Korea | 2010 | 20'
Chinese with Italian, English subtitles


World premiere

Jang Mung is an elite employee of an IT company in Beijing. One day Jang‘s wife Bing Bing disappears, while the two of them were enjoying a walk in the park. When Jang desperately starts looking for Bing Bing, Sunggil OH – a Korean tourist – turns up. OH persistently presses Jang to take a picture of him, presenting himself as an usual tourist. However he is the very man who has taken Bing Bing as a hostage and offers Jang a ghastly proposal.


Two Friendly Ghosts
Parker Ellerman
GER, USA | 2010 | 7'53"
English with Italian subtitles

Italian premiere

On 30th September 1955 the 23-year-old student Donald Turnupseed drives down the route 46. On the endlessly empty Californian motorway he finally turns to the left. Unfortunately he oversees a Porsche Spyder approaching in the evening light. He survives the crash with only a few scratches. But the Porsche driver dies immediately...


RaumZeitHund – SpaceTimeDog
Nikolaus Eckhard
AUT | 2010 | 6'
no dialogue

Italian premiere

Nikolaus Eckhard‘s RaumZeitHund (SpaceTimeDog) is a reference to Muybridge‘s famous photo series the “Animal Locomotions”. A dog, specially trained for this purpose, is filmed on a treadmill in extreme slow motion (150 individual images per second). But unlike his role model Eckhard did not use a slender, athletic greyhound, but a less representative, long-eared brown Alpine Dachsbracke.


Phone Tapping
HeeWon Lee
South-Korea | 2009 | 10'20"
Korean with English, Italian subtitles

Italian premiere

The film is built up from that single, imperceptible instant that signals the shift from day to night, a fleeting moment in which what was, is no more, where things might acquire fresh significance. A voiceover guides us through the city, while the camera seems to be searching for a specific plot of land, for the coincidence between the narrative and the visual.


L. Steht für Liebe – L. Stands for Love
Daniel Lang
GER | 2010 | 9'50"
German with English, Italian subtitles


Italian premiere

A sad story from China: The end of a relationship. An essay film, reflecting loss and grief in a foreign place. Closure.


Film Block IV – City Cinema, Villach
Friday, 01. July | 9:30 pm

Total duration: ca. 69’
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Io sono Qui – I Am Here
Mario Piredda
IT | 2010 | 21'
Italian with English subtitles

Austrian premiere

End of the 1990s. Giovanni Asara decides to leave Sardinia and his best friends forever to enroll in the army and go to the Kosovo, where he will be beaten by a tough disease...


La gran carrera – The Big Race
Kote Camacho
ESP | 2010 | 6'57"
Spanish with German, English subtitles


Austrian premiere

In the year of 1914. The Lasarte racetrack announces a race with an extraordinary prize for the winning horse. Eight of the best horses and mares in the world have been registered. Heavy betters and fans from all continents gather to participate in the great event: the Half Million Grand Prize.


Cooked Snow
Zhu Xiaowen
USA, GER, CN | 2010 | 6'30"
German, English with German, English subtitles

Austrian premiere

The experimental video reflects the artist‘s personal experience with international identity, the confusion of language, the interaction between inner and outer environment, and the curiosity of self-discovering. Abstract and poetic imagery is generated in an instinctive way. The question is addressed, the answer is open. Comprehension is secondary to imagination.


Paper Memories
Theo Putzu
ESP | 2011 | 7'25"
no dialogue


Austrian premiere

An elderly man searches for happiness in old photos…. two worlds divided by the inability to dream...


O Inocente – Not Guilty
Thiago Luciano | Beto Schultz
BRA | 2009 | 18'14"
Portuguese with English subtitles


European premiere

Guilt is the incapacity to deal with an error. A broken desire, the direct contact with human reality, against its perfectionist will. We build an enemy inside ourselves, that’s the imaginary ideal of how we should be and not how we really are.


Der Zusammenhang – The Correlation
Christian Höller
AUT | 2010 | 9'
German with English subtitles

Carinthian premiere

Der Zusammenhang is the multimedia- interpretation of an avantgarde Russian short story by Danjil Charms from 1937. It discusses in an abstract way the correlation that exists in people‘s lives, which we rarely notice. By using short everyday-life situations of different protagonists this film tells us about the arbitrary cross-linkings within human existence.


Film Block V – City Cinema, Villach
Saturday, 02. July | 08:00 pm
total duration: ca. 52’
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Die Gedanken sind Frei –
The Thoughts are Free

Gerda Lampalzer
AUT | 2011 | 3'
Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian with English subtitles

World premiere

Text from an old folk song, which has always been known for its characterisation of the battles for independence, is read out loud in four different languages and converted to the German sentence meaning “The thoughts are free”. A comment on the fact that – despite the Iron Curtain‘s fall decades ago – still hardly any Austrian (except the ones living in border regions) learns, speaks or understands the languages of the neighbouring countries.


Rytual – The Ritual
Zbigniew Czapla
PL | 2010 | 5'33"
no dialogue

Austrian premiere

A man, entangled in a series of recurring events, unexpectedly discovers the terrifying animality of his own nature. This disturbing metamorphosis is interrupted by a sudden awakening. But was it merely a dream?


Az uolosò kèp – The Last Picture
András György Dési, Gàbor Móray
HUN | 2010 | 15'40"
Hungarian with English subtitles

Austrian premiere

The owners of two little shops – the boyish photographer and a mature hairdresser – spend one secret hour together every day; having fun by making up weird stories. One of these stories comes true and sweeps them away – straight into tragedy… or into a happy end.


Gilles Corporation
Vianney Meurville
FR | 2009 | 7'09"
French with Italian, English subtitles

Carinthian premiere

Gilles is an old farmer from Troyes. He clearly sees that his farm can no longer compete with modern markets. Gilles believes the Chinese market to be the future of economy. On a trip to Paris he notices that the Chinese are buying all sorts of products there. To modernize his farm, he starts a new activity, specifically destined for the Chinese market: the mass production of „Parisians”.


Francesco Filippi
IT | 2009 | 15'
Italian with German, English subtitles


Austrian premiere

A woman enters a mysterious, spooky house. Things happen and change depending on what she touches, or depending on what she… clicks! When she touches a small picture (an icon), a bigger one appears. And when she touches a brush, the living room immediately changes into a studio. Being scared and trapped inside of this house, the woman must find a way to get out.


Murmures – Murmers
Jean-Michel Rolland
FR | 2011 | 5'16"
no dialogue

World premiere

A series of murmers of different lengths, pictured by the lips of the whisperer, are reduced to four different notes, each spaced a semitone. In a logic of transmediality between sound and image those two media meet in this video. Equal to one another, influencing each other and only in combination they form a meaningful whole.


Film Block VI – City Cinema, Villach
Saturday, 02. July | 9:30 pm

Total duration: 57’
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La Trace du Sel – The Trace of Salt
Albert Merino
ESP | 2010 | 7'40"
no dialogue

Austrian premiere

A sensorial walk through several architectonical spaces of a city, deformed and descontextualised in an abstract way. The whole history flows following a water spill that finishes appropriating the whole space. This is announced at the beginning by a trace of salt.


Josef Dabernig
AUT | 2011 | 17'
German with English, Italian subtitles


The austere dreariness of a gaming hall, which is located somewhere in the Czech Republic (though it could well be in any other European countries), and the promise of luck it offers to people with low incomes becomes dialectically intertwined with the artificial dialogue of a different social class. In Bruno Pellandini‘s radio play two women meet, in a pub two men invite them to a drink.


Paradise Later
Ascan Breuer
GER | 2011 | 13'20"
German with English subtitles

Carinthian premiere

A blink. As if the eyes had to adjust to the light, images appear in the glaring white and then disappear – withdrawing from our curious, greedy gaze. While we hear a travelling salesman reporting to his company’s managing board and the man’s doubts and complaints are becoming increasingly obvious, the camera follows the course of a lazy river on the edge of a large tropical city.


The Art of Making Friends
Paul McNulty
UK | 2010 | 3'40"
English with German, English subtitles


Austrian premiere

An intimate look at the unusual hobby of a reclusive bicycle repair man.


Rak Won – Fool's Paradise
Hui-gyeong Kim
South-Korea | 2011 | 15'20"
Korean with German, English subtitles

Austrian premiere

A young vagrant enters an old South Korean movie theatre. In the empty theatre he sees optical illusions of previous movie-goers. On the screen a film inside another film is formed, which again exists inside another film. An exploration of the boundaries between reality, illusion and projected desires begins.







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