Overview of the Programme

K3 internationales Kurzfilmfestival Udine/Villach 2011
K3 festival internazionale del cortometraggio Udine/Villaco 2011

K3 international Short Fim Festival Udine/Villach 2011

One Festival – two cities

Udine 29. – 30. June
Villach 01. – 03. July


Overview of the K3 Festival Programme

Wednesday, 29th June, Visionario, Udine
19:00 grand opening
20:00 Film Programme I
21:30 Film Programme II
afterwards DJ Michael Moser (AUT)

Thursday, 30th June, Visionario, Udine
20:00 Film Programme III
21:30 Retrospective 1 - Karpo Godina (SLO)
23:00 LIVE Aura Anthropica - Hans Platzgumer (AUT)
analogue visuals – Clemens Kogler (AUT)

Friday, 1st July, City Cinema, Villach
19:30 LIVE doubleBlu (AUT)
20:00 Retrospective part 2 - Karpo Godina (SLO)
21:30 Film Programme IV
23:00 LIVE doubleBlu (AUT)

Saturday, 2nd July, City Cinema, Villach
20:00 Film Programme V
21:30 Film Programme VI

Saturday, 2nd July, Kulturhofkeller, Villach
09:00 Filmworkshop for Kids: K3+1 - Was ist Film?
23:00 LIVE Hans-Joachim Roedelius (D/AUT)
02:00 LIVE Arbeiter (IT)

Sunday, 3rd July, Kulturhofkeller, Villach
14:00 discussion: Short Film in Austria – IG or AG?
17:00 K3 Audience Award
Presentation of the four most popular films
20:00 K3 Short Film Award of the Judging Panel
afterwards DJ Michael Moser (AUT)


The vision of K3 international Short Film Festival is to show art and commerce at the same time and discuss the contradictions within those two fields.

K3 shows the whole spectrum of current international short film production, across all genres. K3 shows irritating and pleasing movies, feature films, documentaries, animations and experimental pieces.

K3 shows short films because this category of film follows other rules and allows for far greater dramatic liberties than movies of 90 minutes do. A short film can fit into any niche, cannot be pigeonholed, offers room for experimental creativity, as well as a way into the world of film, without needing a big budget.

In the year 2011 K3 celebrates its fifth birthday with well proven traditions and exciting innovations. Traditionally K3 focusses on maintaining the high quality of programming for the festival. The K3 Jury chooses the 40 best short films out of over 700 submissions from all over the world and puts them into a new context: K3 shows sections of programmes that have been thoroughly arranged to provide suspense.
K3 shows art and commerce in cinema.

K3's grand innovation for 2011 is the festival's cross border orientation in Austria and Italy. Short film cinema in Villach and Udine for five days without borders.







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