internationale Kurzfilme I / international shorts I

Schicksale und Auswege // fate and back doors


Programm I
17.September 2014, 19:00 Uhr, 80 min.


Krokodile ohne Sattel // Crocodiles without saddles
Britta Wandaogo | DE 2012 | 15:00 min.


"The day you don't know where to go - remember where you came from" A documentary road movie about the luck of being oneself. In the cosmos of Kaddi, there are no "correct" explanations - Why, how come, how! In her "mind game", she merges foreign with familiar and brings the past to the present.


Unterwegs mit Maxim Gorkiy // Traveling with Maxim Gorkiy
Bernd Lützeler, Kolja Barbara Kunt | DE 2014 | 10:15 min.


As in many cases, also here it's rather about allusion than description. This also applies to the persons represented. Flat silhouettes of people. Their heads depicted in profile. Faces with no expression, formal gestures. In the background, a little bit of everyday life: The hard, square, stone architecture arises from ocher-colored, brownish, blackish mush of color or mud. A demonstration of the function of the central perspective. An idealized representation of a tropical paradise. Strangely, there's no absurdity in this.


37°4 S
Adriano Valerio | FR 2013 | 11:43 min.


Nick and Anne, two teenagers, have known each other since their birth, and are lovers since childhood. But Anne’s just made up her mind: she’s going to study in England, 6152 miles away.


L’être venu d'ailleurs // The being from elsewhere
Guy Bordin, Renaud De Putter | BE 2013 | 18:05 min.


Spring 2012. Dédée, a prostitute in a window in Brussels since more than 30 years, evokes – with humor, smartness, and frankness – her rather uncommon life story since her early debuts when she found out that she was “a whore in the soul”, to the greatest astonishment of her relatives…


Belles Endormies // Sleeping Beauties
Léa Rogliano | BE 2013 | 16:30 min.


Sleeping Beauties is a mediation on the female body and its representation. Conceived as a visual and sound experiment, a creation without words or actors, Sleeping Beauties films images taken from fashion magazines - bodies and faces with their eyes closed -, questions their silence and attemps to give them a new life. This diversion of images, effected by the camera, allows one to enter into the nightmare of a paper girl, into visions poles apart from the dream universe sold to us by billboards and glossy magazines.


Tell me something about yourself
Maja Skjøth Hegelund | DK 2013 | 3:30 min.


The film offers a look into an imaginary future city. The city is based on the friendship between North Korean leader Kim Jong- Un and American former Basketball player, Dennis Rodman. The two have recently developed a controversial friendship and this film is a suggestion to what a city might look like, if these two men were in charge. In the film we meet 3 different characters, each representing a certain way of life. The first character is called Doctor Dismal. The doctor works in a hospital and represents the top of society. The second character is the hallucinating housewife, representing the traditional way of running a household, but in a crooked way. The housewife represents the middle of society, the rock that helps hold the city together. The last character is called Silenced skater. This character tries to rebel against norms and represents the lower class in the city. The 3 different characters are interviewed in the film and tell us about their view on life and what they do.




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