K3 Film Programme

21 films from 14 nations
5 world-, 2 european-, 10 Austrian-premieres
Germany: 4 Austria: 2 Slovenia: 2 Swiss: 2 Brasil: 2 France: 1 Iran: 1 Lithuania: 1 Italy: 1 Libanon: 1 Greece: 1 Portugal: 1 Thailand: 1 Spain: 1

Part I - Friday, July 2nd, 8 pm:

overall length: appr. 64'

1. Left Right left-right
Argyris Germanidis, Stavros Raptis
Greece, 2009 | 14‘
Greek with english subtitles
Austrian premiere

A man in pyjamas walks down a long corridor under the hum of a vacuum cleaner. He rings the bell of the neighbouring apartment and waits for the door to open. A woman opens and stands face to face with a stranger in pyjamas mumbling something about the walls....

2. Tapien Rim Klong - Drowndrown
Nottapon Boonprakob
Thailand, 2009 | 29‘38“
Thai with english subtitles
Austrian premiere

Grandma tells Pom that the reason why he has no teeth is that death is approaching him. Pom wonders why his dad died despite the fact that he still had teeth. One day Pom looses a tooth. Is it a sign that he will die too?

3. Bititschbititsch
Peter Bizjak
Slovenia, 2009 | 13‘
Slovenian with english subtitles
Austrian premiere

Bititsch is a Nazi. He is also addicted to pizza, which is delivered to him all the time. But one time, his favourite food is brought by a muscular black man. Conflict seems inevitable. And Bititsch will have to find his precious pizza elsewhere...

4. Aber den Kunden gefällt´s doch! aber-denkunden-gefaellts
But the customers like it!
Sylvia Winkler/Stephan Köperl
Germany, 2006 | 2‘
German with english subtitles
Carinthian premiere

Music intervention in the discount supermarket

5. Marivannamarivanna
Olga Petrova
Germany, 2009 | 5‘05“
Language: German with english subtitles
Austrian premiere

At the end of her life my great-grandmother had written down her own life story. At the age of 20 I read, summarised and visualised it.

Part II- Friday, July 2nd, 9.45 pm:

overall length: appr. 57'

1. Kralj Matjažkralj-matjaz
Milan Urbajs
Slovenia, 2009 | 26‘44“
Carintihan-Slovenian with english subtitles

The story of a fallen son. Seppl has turned his back on his family and the conventions of society. Inspired by the legend of Kralj Matjaž, who ruled in Carinthia (Austria) in the middle ages, he is now setting out to save the world - from Catholicism, Capitalism and the strata of society who are destroying everything, the academics.

2. Alicealice
Muriel Montini
France, 2009 | 16‘
without language
Austrian premiere

In front of an indifferent nature the human drama is happening.

3. Autopilotautopilot
Gunda Gruber
Austria, 2010 | 4‘20“
without language

A road movie from the occiput cinema, driving as a border experience. The time in the rush of advance. Aggression, collision, acceleration, loss of control, temporal and spatial resolution processes.

4. Das Arbeitszimmerdas-arbeitszimmer - The Working Room
Helge Brumme

Germany, 2008 | 6‘16“
German with english subtitles
Austrian premiere

I grew up in a green-painted house. My mother was colour blind and the only colour, she could see was green. She papered the walls green, right after she moved into the house 35 years ago. The green furniture came by and by, when money was available.

Part III - Saturday, July 3rd, 8 pm:

overall length: appr. 56'

1. Alonealone
Gerard Freixes Ribera
Spain, 2008 | 17‘
Carinthian premiere

The heroic characters in mainstream fiction always show individualist attitudes. Here, that hero’s individualism is taken to its complete extreme.

2. Justinojustino
Carlos Amaral
Portugal, 2010 | 7‘30“
Portugese with english subtitles

Justino tells the story of a poor man in Portugal. In order to overcome his loneliness he will do something that he will soon regret.

3. A serviço do Homem - At the service of Mana-servicio-do-homem
Iuri Bastos
Brasil, 2010 | 11‘14“
Portugese with english subtitles

A man looks for a well-paid job. As strange as the job is, he won’t give it up. But until what point is he winning or losing? In the system we live in, work has become fundamental for our survival, and many times the instrument of alienation and dehumanisation.

4. Nakednaked-kika
kika nicolela
Brasil, 2008 | 3‘22“
without language
Austrian Premiere

Naked explores the sensual relation between body and city; the tension between intimacy and public, internal and external. The city lights writing over the naked skin.

5. ICIici
Stephan Groß
Germany, 2007 | 15‘
without language
Austrian Premiere

ICI is a digitally animated typographic video. It is based on the french adverb ici (here), which is heading slowly from four sides to the centre of the screen. In the process of sliding into each other there are developing suggestive symmetrical patterns. The movement continues evenly and the words drift apart again.

6. La Forêtela-forete
Lionel Rupp
Swiss, 2009 | 15‘
without language

In a world where people lost their speech some night watchmen have fun by terrorizing some addicted bikers. Children are locked up in a gym and have to train. As the night falls in they flee from the school. The watchmen spread on the ground und look for the lost children.

Part IV - Satuday, July 3rd, 9.45 pm:

overall length: appr. 52'

1. You´re Outyou-re-out
Max Liebich
Austria, 2010 | 5'50“
without language
worldwide Festivalpremiere

´“You’re Out” is an animated short film telling the story of a man who opts out of society. He becomes a longing observer who recognizes the overwhelming power of nature and is no longer impressed by death.

2. Butterflies Die in Snowbutterflies-die-in-snow
Karim Azimi
Iran, 2009 | 15'
Farsi with english subtitles
European premiere

Let’s make a film about fishes and human beings. Fishes that are tired of living in water and wish to live on soil; and people who feel sick of living on soil and have the desire to live in water; or we can make a film about birds who crawl instead of flying and donkeys who fly! What do you think about this idea?

3. Perpetuum Mobileperpetuum-mobile
Sebastian Kenney
Swiss, 2009 | 4‘49“
without language
Austrian Premiere

A stranger is standing at an intersection, undecided, when, through the window of the opposite book store, he sees a woman reading a book. At he same time a truck gets out of control and is about to ram the book store. He has to observe the cruel scene when the woman is killed.

4. Synchronisationsynchronisation
Rimas Sakalauskas
Lithuania, 2009 | 8'04“
without language
Austrian Premiere

Like in a child’s dream, buildings from the Soviet era start leading their own life in a separate reality. Synchronisation has been compiled from free associations and small impossibilities. The slow tempo and spatial soundtrack give the film a compelling atmosphere and inner logic. Buildings of the Soviet era make the scenes monumental and suggestive.

5. Eidolaeidola
Giuseppe Boccassini
Italy, 2010 | 6'35“
without language
World Premiere

The video “looks” at the semantic/experiential micro-universe made of memories,
by showing some frames of an old super 8 film put on the lens of a miniDV camera. Moreover, it “looks” at the cinema as a sort of material to model. The “schizophrenic eye” – the dialectic question between the mechanical and the real eye - is another aspect of the video, that wants to explore the reality and, in particular, the collapse between its mechanical reproduction and nature.

6. Adeemadeem
Adel Serhan
Lebanon, 2009 | 12'30“
Arabian with english subtitles
European premiere

In one of the narrow streets of a quiet village stood a two-story house with a courtyard. People started gathering around the house, for today is the wedding of one of its residents. The whole street was decorated and was fit for a wedding. The women were preparing to receive and welcome the groom, while the men waited in the salon inside the house.




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