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Pietro Cromaz


I was born in San Daniele del Friuli the 03/11/1998 and I live in San Pietro al Natisone. Till the first year of high cchool I attended the “Dvojezična šola Pavel Petričič” in San Pietro al Natisone. I achieved the diploma of secondary school at “Liceo scientifico Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono” in Cividale. I am coming from Valli del Natisone, a border land. During my life I got in touch with two different cultures and this caused me to observe the world from different points of view. Untill my first experience in 2012 in a workshop called “Filmski tabor” provided by Kinoatelje I have increased my interest in film, thanks to a great number of experiences with very different themes, crews and set ups. I believe that through images and sounds I can show what I feel inside and it can not be expressed by words.

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