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L. Erlacher, A. Karner, J. Kontriner, T. Steiner, S. Kaschnig,


We are a team of five people, consisting of Lukas Erlacher, Stephan Kaschnig, Jana Kontriner, Theo Steiner and Anna-Katharina Karner. All of us are students in the final year of CHS Villach in the branch of arts and design. As friends we love to work together at several projects in school, but also spend time outside of school together.

Lukas Erlacher
Born: 2003
Hobbies: playing the guitar, drawing

Jana Kontriner
Born: 2004
Hobbies: photography, drawing, playing the harp

Stephan Kaschnig
Born: 2003
Hobbies: drawing, watching movies

Theo Steiner
Born: 2002
Hobbies: drawing, writing stories and short novels

Anna-Katharina Karner
Born: 2004
Hobbies: painting, hiking, playing the guitar

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