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Work Grant For Filmmakers*

Presentation: Lisbeth Kovacic

The province of Carinthia/Austria grants every year a three-month scholarship worth € 3.600.- for filmmakers. The city of Villach provides accommodation and working place. 2019 Lisbeth Kovacic has been granted the scholarship for a documentary short on an old border-crossing between Austria and Italy. She will present the current status-quo of the project and show us some clippings. Everyone interested in the grant will be provided information on how-to-apply and can talk with Lisebeth Kovacic on her experiences in Villach.

SALUTI DAL CONFINE (working title)
Documentary, approx. 30 min.

The documentary which will be finished in 2020, takes the old border-crossing on the main road between Thörl-Maglern in Austria and Coccau in Italy as an example for borders within in the EU. Experts of this spot, like former and current owners of businesses at the frontier, a contemporary witness of the “Option Agreement” between Nazi-Germany and Fascist-Italy or a Syrian refugee reflect on visible and invisible changes of the border over time.

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