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18:00 Uhr
// Österreichpremiere

WAKE ME – Zbudi me

SLO, HR, SRB 2022
Original version (Slovenian) with English subtitles

present at the screening

Director: Marko Šantić

Script: Marko Šantić, Goran Vojnović, Sara Hribar

Editing: Vladimir Gojun

Cinematography: Ivan Zadro

Music: Jan Vysocky

Production: Danijel Hočevar, Zala Opara

Cast: Jure Henigman, Timon Šturbej, Nataša Barbara Gračner, Živa Selan, Jurij Drevenšek

Jesenice: Rok erwacht im Krankenhaus aus dem Koma. Er kann sich weder an seine Freundin noch an seinen Job oder an seine Wohnung erinnern. Als die bruchstückhaften Erinnerungen langsam wieder auftauchen, wird Rok klar, dass er in gewalttätige Konflikte verwickelt war. Schockiert stellt er fest, dass sein Bruder immer noch denselben problematischen Weg geht und sich seine ehemaligen Freunde von ihm abwenden …

Director’s statement:
In recent years, the world has witnessed historical revisionism – the reinterpretation of history. Younger generations are spending much more time on the Internet, where they acquire incorrect historical facts. It seems that, influenced by this, the image of history that they’re creating is completely different from what it once used to be.
Due to memory loss, the film’s main character, Rok, doesn’t remember his problematic past – and, upon returning to his hometown, he begins uncovering his old “demons”. His amnesia caused by a head injury represents today’s contemporary individuals who generally know nothing about sharing a common past and who are more easily pushed into hostility towards other cultures and fellow citizens. This general ignorance of history is something that’s affecting us all, and it’s exactly what my fourth film is about.

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