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20:30 Uhr
// Österreichpremiere

THE MAN WITHOUT GUILT – L’uomo senza colpa

SLO, I 2022
Original version (Italian and Slovenian) with English subtitles

present at the screening

Director, Script: Ivan Gergolet

Editing: Natalie Cristiani

Camera: Debora Vrizzi

Music: Luca Ciut

Production: Staragara, Transmedia Produkcija, Propeler Film

Cast: Branko Završan, Valentina Carnelutti, Enrico Inserra, Rossana Mortara, Livia Rossi, Alessandro Bandini, Giusi Merli

Die 50-jährige Witwe Angela arbeitet in einem Krankenhaus in Triest. Der ehemalige Arbeitgeber ihres verstorbenen Mannes wird dort eingeliefert und der Sohn bittet Angela um Hilfe bei der Pflege seines Vaters. Doch weiß er nicht, dass sein Vater eine nicht geklärte Rolle beim Tod von Angelas Ehemann spielte. Diese, hin- und hergerissen zwischen Rache und Vergebung, nimmt die Stelle an…

Director’s Statement:
I was born and brought up in an area of north-east Italy, right on the border with Slovenia, where asbestos is causing a huge massacre. In some cities and villages, almost all households have at least one family member who has been exposed to asbestos dust and risks getting sick. 

The film moves this social conflict into a family, personal and intimate one, where in a community that was poisoned by inside, the lack of justice drives the protagonist into an exploration of the conflict between guilt and impunity. 

The research for this film started almost 15 years ago, after I shot a short film named Dust, which had a similar dramaturgic structure. That experience taught me the complexity of this theme and of the characters‘ journey. Both needed a deeper immersion in the dynamics of revenge/forgiveness, hiding/revealing, mourning/rebirth. Digging into these human fields for a long time gave me the chance to explore extreme and unconscious feelings, which are at the bottom of the characters‘ choices during their lives in the film. As a filmmaker that worked in documentaries, I was always aware of the power that realism and authenticity can have inside a fictional structure. 

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