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Špela Čadež


Špela Čadež is animation director and co-founder of Finta Studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her films have received 100+ awards at festivals worldwide and were screened in competition selections such as the Sundance Film Festival, Clermont Ferrand and Annecy. A passionate advocate for the analogue, Čadež has impressed with films in puppet and cut-out animation techniques. In 2018 Špela was invited to become a member of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Steakhouse, animated film, Slovenia, Germany, France, 2021OINTB Unraveled, Netflix, commission work, 2017
Nighthawk, animated film, Slovenia, Croatia, 2016
Boles, animated film, Germany, Slovenia, 2013
Last Minute, animated film, co-dir. Marina Rosset, Germany, 2010
Marathon, animated film, co-dir. Izabela Plucinska, Germany, 2008
Lovesick, animated film, Germany, Slovenia, 2007
Zasukanec, animated film, Germany, Slovenia, 2004

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