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Florian Kogler


Florian Kogler, born in Graz, Austria, studied directing at the Filmakademie Wien in the class of Michael Haneke and Wolfgang Murnberger as well as Art and digital Media at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the class of Constanze Ruhm. His last film “The Book of Sabeth” was a semifinalist at the student academy awards 2019.

Filmografie / Filmography:
INFERNO / INFERNO (short fiction, Austria 2022, 24 min.)
DAS BUCH SABETH / THE BOOK OF SABETH (short documentary, Austria 2018, 30 min.)
STAUB / DUST (short fiction, Austria 2013, 7 min.)
KORREKTUR / CORRECTION (short fiction, Austria 2012, 7 min.)
UNTER DEM TISCH / UNDER THE TABLE (short fiction, Austria 2012, 10 min.)
DA IST EINE MASCHINE IM GEIST / THERE IS A MACHINE IN THE GHOST (Short fiction, Austria 2012, 30 min.)

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