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Emanuele Biasiol


Emanuele was born and grew up in Trieste, Italy. He moved to the UK in 2014 to pursue his academic ambitions, and now lives and works in London. 

An Editorial Producer by trade, Emanuele works in the football industry for the fan-first media and advertising company COPA90. There, he launched the successful podcast and live show ‘Game of Fives’, which regularly hosts prominent football players and celebrity football fans. This recently included Prince William’s first media appearance since becoming Prince of Wales. He also regularly works with many prominent brands in the industry, such as EA Sports, Nike, SportsDirect and Budweiser.

In his free time, Emanuele likes to produce his own fiction short films – his only previous release ‘Audiophile’ (2017) was featured at both K3 Film Festival and ShorTS International Film Festival.

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