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K3 2019: Plural Space

With its narrow geographical focus on the regions of Carinthia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Slovenia, the K3 Film Festival strives for increased cinematic exchange and intensive cooperation between these regions. “The small size is our strength,” affirms festival director Fritz Hock, emphasizing: “It is not a far-fetched concept. We live for the 3-cultural-space and we offer the spectators a unique insight into the different realities of life.” In line with that, this year’s theme of the festival is “Plural Space”: The singular, the space, is transferred in its plurality. It is not a pragmatic specification, more a meta-theme or a call to explore other worlds in times of increasing fragmentation in the society. And thus, Carinthia’s only film festival reflects again on one of the core virtues of cinema: being transferred to “another place” in the darkness of the cinema hall.

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