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2020 // Boris Petkovič

Boris Petkovič

Boris Petkovič, born in Zenica (Bosnia), graduated in 2005 from EICAR film school in Paris where he continued as a teacher for three years. In 2008 he came back to Ljubljana where he works as a freelance film director. His last film “Let Him Be a Basketball player” was seen by more than 90.000 spectators in Slovenia and was a great success.

Filmography (selection)

2017 – Let Him Be A Basketball Player
2016 – Nara Petrovic = clovek
2015 – The Beat of Love: Utrip Ljubezni

Project in residence: MY VOICE (script development)

He will have time to work on the screenplay for his project MY VOICE, which is being developed and produced with Iridium Film production company. Based on the book »Spovin« by the Slovenian author Anja Mugerli, it deals with loneliness, fear of losing and letting go – themes and feelings that are always present, but they got even more pressing in times of separation forced by the ongoing Corona crises.

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