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2017 // David Clay Diaz

David Clay Diaz

David Clay Diaz was born 1989 in Asuncion, Paraguay. The first three years of his childhood he lived in Lima, Peru before he followed his mother to Vienna, Austria. David studied Philosophy in Vienna and shot several short movies, before he started to study film directing at the University of Television and Film Munich, in Germany. His diploma movie „Agonie“, which he wrote, produced and directed, premiered at the  Berlinale 2016, where it was nominated as „Best First Feature“. The Distribution company Zorro Filmverleih released the movie in cinemas late 2016. David Clay Diaz was awarded with the Bavarian Culture Prize 2016 for „Agonie“.

Filmography (selection)

2016 – Agonie
2013 – Fragments: A dream of David Clay Diaz
2012 – Existentia

Project in residence: CONSUELO (script development)

During his scholarship in Villach, David Clay Diaz worked on the screenplay for an autobiographically inspired feature film about Consuelo. The young South American girl follows retiree Peter to Austria in hope for a better future for herself and her daughter, whom she will soon catch up with. But what started as a deal, as a partnership-based useful relationship, becomes tangible in a tragic dependency relationship.

David Clay Diaz used the scholarship period to develop a first script version from the existing treatment, which is to be presented to international producers and possible partners. The aim is an international co-production with main locations in Austria.

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