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Film Awards 2021

FILM AWARDS 2021/2022


Short Film Jury:

  • Sandra Jovanovska (multimedia artist, Slovenia)
  • Slobodan Zakula (film journalist, Carinthia)
  • Leopold Fuchs (cinematographer/filmmaker, Carinthia)

The K3 SHORT FILM AWARD 2020 goes to YOU CAN’T AUTOMATE ME by Katarina Jazbec.

A special mention by the jury goes to WOODEN MIRROR by Sergi “ombrebueno” Sanchez, Carlo Zoratti.

©Simone Attisani

Jury’s statement:
Because of its intricate ambivalence among the natural vs. the industrial, as well as the soulful genre mixing of documentary and choreography, which takes the audience seemingly into the minds of the characters, the jury decided to give the main award to the unique cinematic vision displaying the compassionate life stories of hardworking lashers, YOU CAN`T AUTOMATE ME by Katarina Jazbec.

Special mention:
We also wanted to honor the visceral storytelling and stylized animation, which indeed reanimated the entire festival selection with its universe of extraordinary character design, so we also give a special mention to WOODEN MIRROR by Sergi “ombrebueno” Sanchez, Carlo Zoratti.


The K3 Audience Award 2021 goes to TAUBENGLASS // PIGEON GLASS by Manoa Mersich, Paul Pippan, Manuela Pernusch, Frodo Pernusch.

©Simone Attisani

Nominated for the Audience Award:
’91 – Luka Štigl, SLO 2021
Manoa Mersich, Paul Pippan, Manuela Pernusch, Frodo Pernusch, A 2021
ONE CORNER OF PARADISE – Lisbeth Kovacic, A 2022


K3 Film Awards

The K3 Film Festival annually awards the best films with prizes totalling € 7,200.

Short films (less than 30 minutes long) and feature films (with a running time longer than 70 minutes) are in competition. Medium films (between 30 and 70 minutes long) can often be seen in special screenings. This allows these gems not to be missed.

What all competitors have in common is that they must come from one of the 3-cultural areas of Carinthia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Slovenia. Thus:

  • Director’s place of birth or residence
  • Filming location
  • Support from a public institution in one of these three regions.


Jury Award € 1,500

The jury, consisting of different representatives from the film industry within the 3 regions, awards the prize worth € 1,500 and the K3 trophy.

Audience Award € 800

K3 is probably the only film festival worldwide where the audience becomes a jury, in fact this award is decided in a freely accessible and equal discussion!

How it works: the day before last of the festival, three public favourite shorts (which have been selected by a previously held anonymous vote), are shown again. Following this freely accessible screening, the audience meets, and the discussion begins.

It is open-hearted and one can argue bluntly for their favourite, thereby, negotiating the winning film. The audience become jurors, who have to convince each other, in order to reach a decision. Meanwhile, the filmmakers become silent observers of the immediate and spontaneous reactions that their films evoke. Living film culture par excellence!


This award, worth € 5,000, is intended to enable a theatrical release in Austria or to provide financial support. The aim of the prize is to make “festival’s films” available also in regular cinemas and to expand exploitation possibilities for film-makers.

The prize money includes € 1,000 in kind from CinePostproduction.

Jury members

Financial support can make a theatrical release easier. Distributors can make it possible, but ultimately, it is up to the individual cinemas to include a film in their program. The feature film jury is therefore made up of programmers from Austrian cinemas; supplemented by an onli­ne survey of selected cinema operators.

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