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Team 2023

K3 Festival Team 2023

Fritz Hock: Director, Producer, Production, Film Programmes, PR, Marketing; 
Piera Nodari: Artistic Director, Short Films, Cooperations, Decoration;
Marina Pavido: Film Selector, Social Media, PR;
Simon Martinschitz: Texts, Hospitality, Guest Coordination, Website;
Katharina Guggenberger-Predota: Social Media, Guest Coordination, Assistant;
Kaja RakuščekSocial Media, PR (Slovenia);
Katharina PerschakFilm Consultant, Presenter;
Slobodan ZakulaFilm Consultant, Cooperations;
Gabriella Ziraldo, Elmar WeihsmannFilm Consultant;
Andreas KohlwegCinema Technician.

In memory of those we have collaborated with:
Horst Dieter Sihler, Klaus Pertl, and our friend Lorenzo Marchiori.

Fritz Hock

No artist, no film-maker, no film producer
in winter: sports, in summer: too
Organizer of Open-Air Cinema, Director of an Arthouse Cinema
Founder and Director of K3 Film Festival.

Piera Nodari

I was born in Padua, Italy. I was living in Udine.
I have studied Fine Arts in Venice. I was an art curator.
I was a visual merchandiser. I was a creative director.
Now I’m living in Austria, and I’m running a film festival, K3.

Marina Pavido

Marina Pavido (1985) studied Screenwriting and Film Direction at the Griffith Film Academy and Film Criticism at the CSC in Rome. Author of short films, since 2013 she collaborates as a film critic with several magazines. President of the film club La Carrozza d'Oro, in 2019 she founded the magazine Cinema Austriaco.

Simon Martinschitz

Born in Villach, raised in the countryside. Between hazelnut bushes and river trouts. Studied Applied Cultural Science in Klagenfurt, Bilbao and Florence. Between Critical Theory and aperitivo. Freelance copywriter & culture worker. Between front page and backstage. Do-it-yourself actor and word juggler with a passion for good beer and bad jokes between which I prefer not to choose.

Katharina Guggenberger-Predota

Cultural Manager with a background in Art History and Middle Eastern Studies. Lived and worked in Graz, Vienna, Germany, the USA and the UK before returning to where I was born, Villach.

Kaja Rakušček

Kaja Rakušček (1998) is an English Language and Literature graduate. She has worked on more than 20 individual and group film projects. Her films have been screened at film festivals worldwide. Apart from that, she is a cultural worker active in the fields of poetry, writing, translation, curation and film festival work.

Katharina Perschak

Freie Filmkritikerin, Schreibcoach, Moderatorin. Hauptberuflich: Germanistin auf Abwegen.

Slobodan Zakula

Unlimited passion for films followed by passionate discussions. Thinks and writes multilingually.
Misses video rental shops and film reels in cinemas.

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