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8:30 pm
// Austrian Premiere


Starac i roda, priča o Malenoj i Klepetanu
HR/SLO/I 2020
76 Min.
Original version (Croatian) with English subtitles

Tomislav Jelinčić

Alan Stanković

Ivan Gergolet

Luca Ciut

Maja Pek-Bruenjes, Danijel Pek, Miha Černec, Igor Prinčić

Produced by:
Antitalent (HR)

Co-produced by:
Tramal films (SLO), Transmedia Production (IT), HRT, RTV Slovenija

With support of:
HAVC, Creative Europe Media, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, MIBACT, RE-ACT

World Premiere:
18th Liburnia Film Festival, Opatija, Croatia

Audience Award – Liburnia Film Festival 2020


In cooperation with Kinosommer Villach

The female stork, Malena, was shot in the wing by hunters 28 years ago and was left crippled and grounded forever. Stjepan Vokić saved her life by taking her under his wing and since then he cared for her. In 2002 the stork Malena found the love of her life on the roof of Stjepan’s garage. Klepetan, as Stjepan named him, returns to Malena every year and together they have raised more than 60 baby storks. But every autumn brings a sad farewell, when Klepetan together with other storks, sets out on a long journey to Africa, leaving back Malena and Stjepan.

Next to the protagonists, the score by Friulian composer Luca Ciut (“Paradise”, “Easy”) is one of the main attractions of the film. The music is very much in the centre of attention and transmits skillfully the deep emotions only to restrain itself in the next moment. STORKMAN is a heart touching tale-like documentary and a spot-on portrait of a man on the edge of sacrificing help and bitter misanthropy.

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