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2:00 pm
// World Premiere

RETTL 1868: The Story from Alpine Kilt to High Fashion

A 2023
Original version (German) with English subtitles

present at the screening

Director, Script: Jaqueline Rauter

Camera, Editing, Co-Director: Jo Cazzee

Production manager: Melanie Schmidt

With: Thomas Rettl & Family, Franz Klammer, Cornelius Obonya, Josef Zotter, Harald Prünster, Nici Schmidhofer et al.

What began more than 150 years ago in Carinthia, has become a legend in its own right. The traditional fashion house Rettl 1868 re-invented itself in the course of its history culminating with the creation of an Alpine kilt and appearances in high fashion. This documentary tells its success story and gives voice to the many prominent companions.

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