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Elsa Kremser

Elsa Kremser, born 1985 in Wolfsberg/Austria, studied film at the University of Vienna. At the Film Academy Ludwigsburg, she has authored and produced several documentaries that have been shown worldwide. Her diploma film “Nebel” (producer) received an honorable mention from the Berlinale Perspektive. She was part of the jury of the Visions du Réel and completed the Nipkow and EuroDoc programs. In 2016 she founded RAUMZEITFILM production in Vienna with Levin Peter.

2019 – Space Dogs
2015 – Pitter Patter Goes My Heart (short – producer)
2014 – Nebel (documentary – writer, producer, sound)
2014 – Zerrumpelt Herz (assistant director)
2012 – Kedi (documentary – producer)
2012 – Ein Versprechen (documentary – writer, producer)
2011 – Sonor (documentary – writer, producer)
2010 – Das Blaue vom Himmel (producer)
2009 – Blitz und Donner, Windgefauch (documentary short – producer)
2009 – Formic (short – producer)
2009 – Kleine Fische (assistant producer)

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