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2016 // CYLIXE

cylixe has been practicing arts since 2007. Her work include multiple distinguished films, live performances, curated exhibitions, participative installations, music and written word. Her work is very diverse, but often can be found to observe and deconstruct rules and systems and their phenomena, be they social, political or psychological. cylixe understands different media as tools to approach different motives and while she is rooted in video arts, her practice thrives through a view originating from content rather than form.

Filmography (selection)

2019 – Please Don’t Drop It
2016 – Requiem For a Bird
2016 – Alte Kamellen
2014 – Flotsam
2013 – Una ciudad en una ciudad
2013 – We Pick It Up
2011 – Nereïd

Project in residence: ALTE KAMELLEN (post-/production)

ALTE KAMELLEN is cylixe’s own filmic engagement with her father, with whom she has always had a cool and distant relationship. She interviews him during a trip to Ireland. The result is a sincere, collage-like video intervention that looks far beyond the personal level and penetrates deeply into the poetry of human condition. A suggested stereotype of man is systematically dismantled in order to reach its core in search of answers to the question of where the myth of man comes from and what formative elements made the father despair today.


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