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Concept and Theme 2021

2021 2022


A revival of cinema and festival culture, or simply put celebration, partying and shacking off the rigidity of lock downs, are the objectives of the 15th edition of the K3 Film Festival – next to something what cinema does best: Animation in its purest sense. Under the title “Re:Animated” K3 tries to push the resting heart rate and prescribes suitable resuscitation: A focus on short film and a good portion of Caribbean lifestyle.

Save the (new) date: 31.3.-2.4.2022


The festival trailer with a rotating rubber duck locked in a bubble with its “toys” comes from Berlin-based artist Cornelius Onitsch – Open! Can only be seen in the cinema on festival days.


A very simple word that most impressively describes the turning point we are still suffering caused by Corona crisis, defines the 14th edition of the K3 Film Festival: OPEN

Open borders, open hearts and open cinemas are no longer a matter of course. More than ever film festivals are an excellent and important exercise to stay open. Staying open for the enriching experience of diverse genres, languages and ways of expression.

“Consequently, it was never an alternative for us to move the festival into the anonymous internet. Our film festival lives from the shared experience in the cinema hall – the space where film breathes, filmmaking blossoms and where discourse is carried out into the world. No, film doesn’t change the world – outside the cinema.”


In the middle of December in Villach, Austria, the K3 Film Festival offers a lively experience of diverse cultures, a truly international meeting point.

With the focus on the regions of Carinthia (Southern Austria) Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Northern Italy), and Slovenia it offers a unique insight into the film-making of these regions, strengthens the filmic exchange and encapsulates intensive cooperation. The key objectives of the festival are building bridges, crossing borders and finding, channelling and supporting new film talents.

The festival is a “come-together” celebration after a hard year of work!

The annual theme of each edition varies according to the focus developed by the filmmakers of the three regions, a single frame that unites the different cinematographic choices.

What does K3 mean?

Over the last few years K3 has developed its identity over the three neighbouring regions of Austria, Italy and Slovenia.

“K” stands for Kino (at least in German and Slovenian), in Italian K is not officially used as a letter so we fill the gap of cinematic exchange also through letters.

“3” is the least necessary number of legs to create a solid table (up to now; progress hasn’t stopped) and it’s also the multiples of the cinematic experience and diversity of films from the three regions.

Therefore, K3 is a unique place to find undiscovered, diverse and innovative cinematic productions coming out Carinthia, Slovenia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

What does K3 stand for?

A fresh and challenging film programming selection.

A vis-à-vis festival experience, teaming up individuals from all levels.

An intercultural meeting point, an exchange of customs and point of views; a true Babylon of languages resolved by the lowest common denominator, English, which everyone and no one really speaks well. But everyone understands!

Relaxed but professional; spontaneous and surprising; linking and connecting; criticised and acclaimed.

All of this is K3.

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