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20:15 Uhr
// Österreichpremiere

ORCHESTRA (Freunde der Blasmusik)

SLO 2021
Original version (Slovenian, German) with English and German subtitles

Director, script:
Matevž Luzar

Cast: Gregor Zorc, Gregor Čušin, Alexander Mitterer, Maria Hofstätter

Simon Tanšek

Editing: Jelena Maksimović

Sound design:
Julij Zornik

Petra Vidmar

present at the screening

Eine slowenische Blaskapelle macht sich gutgelaunt auf den Weg in ihre beschauliche österreichische Partnerstadt, um am traditionsreichen örtlichen Blasmusikfest teilzunehmen. Kaum angekommen zeigt sich allerdings, dass nicht alles läuft wie geplant. Auch nicht bei den Gastgebern…
Die Atmosphäre ist dokumentarisch, die Situationen fiktiv, der Humor außerordentlich: Sloweniens Oscars®-Nominierung ist eine ungemein komische Milieustudie bei der sowohl Slowenen als auch Österreicher ordentlich ihr Fett abbekommen.

Director’s statement:
Orchestra is my most personal feature film because the story revolves around the people and orchestra from my hometown. For years, I would travel with the exact orchestra you can see in the film as an observer. This film is not a documentary, but rather a fiction film with a real-life orchestra. As a filmmaker, I wanted to capture the atmosphere of an orchestra on tour: I wanted to show the feeling of freedom, partying, and days of careless fun as well as explore all the aspects of a band tour. How the members of the orchestra see it. How the Austrian hosts see it. And how the wives back home experience it. In Orchestra, I was most interested in the culture clash between two nations and the generational clash within the orchestra. Real-life events usually involve several perspectives but merely a single truth, so I wanted to explore this in Orchestra. The film is in black and white, but it is not ʻblack in whiteʼ as far as the feeling is concerned. It has all the colours of the bittersweet real life.

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